At Effortless Dance we offer classes in a wide variety of dance disciplines. Classes are offered in Michigan all year round in Portage, Kalamazoo and Vicksburg.

Attention all Bride/Grooms, Wedding Parties and Parents: We also specialize in making you look like a dance pro at special events like weddings. Classes are fun with a relaxed atmosphere for you to improve your rhythm and movements — impress your friends or just take heart in knowing you can do it. We specialize in making your special day a cherished memory. Privates and Group lessons offered. Start early with lessons – at least 6 months ahead of your special date.

Schedule a class today and you’ll be the Belle (or Beau) of your next ball!

Effortless Dance is also offered in Land O’Lakes Florida in November through March. Choose from privates and group lessons that are offered by Ken DeDie, one of our certified instructors. Contact us for more information.