Wedding Dance Lessons

Practice Beats Panic

A few well timed lessons, or even an hour of instruction prior to the big event makes all the difference.  If you went to the trouble to hire a videographer – you might as well spend a few minutes giving them something interesting, fun, classy, and maybe even elegant to film.

Coaching and Classes available for the:

Best Man/and Maid-Matron of Honor
and Guests

Group Lessons:  [Specific for Brides and Grooms but all welcome to add pizzazz to your slow dancing]  Offered on Thursdays only at 8pm, 2 Sessions offered in the fall of 2016, Session #1 starts on September 15 and Session #2 starts on October 27th, 2016

Have you Thought About:  Booking a lesson for the wedding party and/or Family members that will be attending your special day.

A fun routine for your bridal dance.  You might even include the entire Bridal Party.  It isn’t as difficult as you think or as expensive!   (It isn’t Dancing with the Stars – It’s your Wedding)  All you Grooms out there – Schedule a class today!   Your wife will love you for it, and you might as well get off on the right foot.  :)

What Will I Learn?

Depending on your interest, ability, desire, and attitude – you will be learn to master, with confidence, material that is at the same time comfortable and challenging.  A variety of footwork, partner positioning, and fundamental techniques will be taught.  In other words, you will

What Are My Options?

  • Attend a Saturday Dance to get the feel for it.
  • Join in the Monday and Thursday regularly scheduled classes – if your schedule allows.
  • Call for an emergency class – Wedding day appointments have been scheduled.  (You won’t be the first, but a little pre-planning might take the pressure off.
  • Private lessons – (The best option :)

Private Lessons

Schedule:  By appointment
Location:  5731 Monticello  Portage MI  49024